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The Office in the Center of Baar


  • My Practice is in the Center of Baar just 3 minutes walk from Baar railway station.
  • Parking is available close to the the office at the railway station.
  • The practice is open on Thursday and Friday. 
Rathausstrasse 5, Psychotherapie Trendle, Hauseingang
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How to start Psychotherapy?


It can take courage to seek help when you are dealing with crises or illnesses. As a psychologist, I support you in your stressful situation. 


During your first appointment, I will ask you some questions about your current life situation and you can tell me, what you struggle with right now. We can get to know each other, talk about what to expect from therapy, start planning if and how I can help you and start setting the goals for your therapy. If you're unsure if psychotherapy is the right approach for you, we can discuss that in this first session. Please check and reflect during and after this first appointment, if you feel safe with me and if you get this feeling, that I can help you and it fits on a personal level. 

Usually, I recommend weekly sessions in the beginning, but we can discuss that and find out what's best for you and fits our schedule.


The sessions are strictly confidential. 


  • Individual Psychology Therapy Sessions are 60 Minutes and are charged at 190.-.
  • Shorter Sessions on request (50 Minutes / 160.-). Longer Sessions on request.
  • Therapy Sessions for Couples are 80 Minutes and are charged at 260.-.
  • Pricing for therapy over the phone and with video-chat is the same as for  face-to-face therapy. 


Compulsory Basic Health Insurance and Supplementary Health Insurance

  • In Switzerland, psychotherapy provided by a self-employed psychotherapist is not yet covered by compulsory basic health insurance "Grundversicherung".
  • As of June 2022 psychotherapy will be covered by basic health insurance. 
  • Supplementary health insurance covers a part of the costs. I'm accredited with Swiss Supplementary Health Insurance Companies (and on the "santée-suisse List") and I'm an accredited Swiss Psychotherapist ("FSP-Therapeut").
    • Conditions vary a lot and often you will need to get a doctors referral prior to your first appointment.
    • If you have supplementary health insurance "Zusatzversicherung", please contact your insurance company directly to check with your individual conditions, ask them how much they pay and if you need a referral or not. 
    • Payment is made by invoice. If you have supplementary insurance, pay first and then submit a copy of the invoice and (if necessary) the letter of referral from your doctor to the supplementary insurance company.
    • Payment is made by invoice. After payment, please submit a copy of the invoice and (if necessary) the letter of referral from your doctor to the supplementary insurance company.

  • As there are no agreements with supplemental health insurance about E-Therapy, please ask your supplemental health insurance company if they cover it. (So far, they always did).
  • Information on supplementary health insurance is valid until June 2022. 


The fine print:

  • The initial consultation is also subject to charge.
  • If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment please let me know as soon as possible.
  • Cancellations made less than 36 hours will be charged.


Information about the costs and supplementary insurance Psychotherapie Trendle
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Cost Information Psychotherapy Trendle
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Supplementary Health Insurance and Psychotherapy
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Health Insurance and Psychotherapy 2020.
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