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Maja Trendle, Psychotherapist from Baar Zug

Corona News 16.03.2020      

updated:           29.03.2020  


The practice stays open. 


Face-to-face therapy appointments can take place at Rathausstrasse 5 in Baar. 


On top of that, I can offer the following alternatives: phone or video sessions:

  • phone sessions: I'll contact you by phone for our therapy session.
  • video session: A safe app for this is, for example, Zoom—available for mobile devices and for desktop computers. Other apps are of course available. For example: Microsoft Teams;; Signal; Wire. 
  • You agree to the data protection regulations of the selected provider and to acknowledge that there are still some risks when using those tecnologies. You you agree to protect yourself with a strong password, save storage of meeting-room links etc. 
  • Pricing is the same as for regular face-to-face therapy. 


Video-Therapy: my virtual room
Video-Therapy: my virtual room

  • In the office, the necessary precautions against the Coronavirus are taken care of:
    • Disinfectant is ready to use, as is our wash basin.
    • It is easily possible to keep a distance of more than 2 meters between us. 
  • Due to the Corona Situation: Cancellations will be handled accommodatingly. 


Illnesses, crises and stress can drag us down and make life a struggle.

Therapy can help. 


In therapy, you can explore, what's troubling you and find new ways of coping and work towards the changes you are hoping for. 


I'm a clinical Psychologist and offer Psychotherapy in German and English for people suffering from mental health problems, emotional difficulties and people who struggle with difficult life situations. 


The practice is in Baar, close to the railway station and open on thursday and friday.



I do have availability for new clients for face-to-face appointments as well as for phone/video-chat therapy. 



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